Saturday, 22 May 2021

Tetney Lock.

 Tetney Lock in Lincolnshire.  

We had a drive to another of our favourite locations, Tetney Lock, on the side of the Louth Navigation in North East Lincolnshire.  I photographed some places on the way there.

On the way we passed some people out on a "Tractor Run" with some old vintage tractors.

In the background are the Tetney Oil Terminal storage tanks.

An Owl nesting box.

An old Chapel, now a private residential home.

Eventually we arrived at the Louth Navigation Canal.  It's not a canal with towpaths as it 
was used by sea going Keelboats navigating their way from the North Sea, along the canal
to the River Head at Louth.  A distance from the coast to Louth of 11 miles.

The "Crown & Anchor" is  a popular public house at Tetney Lock.

Olympus EM1ii + 12-100 Pro lens.


  1. Love those vintage tractors, how times have changed - as they have with that old chapel, good to see it being used instead of lying empty. Interesting canal, I always associate them with towpaths. I enjoyed the photos and the Lincolnshire scenery.

    1. It was good to get out but now it's the weather that's stopped thi ngs.

  2. It’s been raining for days here so it is especially nice to see your blue sky! I’d love a closer look at those tractors, so small and straightforward compared to the ones today. I’ve always liked the sound of the ones crank started. Very pretty photos of the canal of course.

    1. They were travelling along the road so I couldn't get a closer view. The green one was made by Marshalls Engineering at Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, sadly closed down now. We've also got rain & wind here, been around for a couple of weeks now. Thanks for your comments Ann.