Sunday 24 October 2021

Late flowering Clematis.

 A Clematis I have had for a year or two flowered really well in early summer but then appeared to wilt and die within 24 hours.  I inspected the roots, expecting to find the dreaded Vine Weevil grubs but there where none.  Hoping it was just "Clematis Wilt" I cut it right down, re-potted it in a new pot in fresh compost.  Within a few weeks it recovered and produced new growth, then buds appeared and now it's in full flower!  

Photo's taken two days ago!

The problem must have been "Clematis Wilt" and now we have a late flowering bonus to end our summer.


  1. Back from the dead! That's a lovely Clematis and a bright cheerful colour for this time of year - especially as it's a grey dull day where I am.

    1. it's brightening up our garden and I'm pleased it's recovered. Thanks Mike.