Sunday 17 October 2021

Venturing out !

 My home town of Cleethorpes is a seaside holiday resort on the east coast of England, just inside the mouth of the Humber Estuary, and I've lived here all my life.

Like most locals we avoid the seafront during the holiday season as it gets very crowded, but we like to walk along the seafront in the off season and the winter, when we have it all to our selves.  However, the Pandemic has kept us away altogether for the last two years.  

A couple of days ago, on a nice sunny morning,  we decided it was time to venture amongst people albeit in the fresh air so I took my camera along.

I took quite a few pics and show them all here in the order I took them.

The main road along Cleethorpes seafront, The Kingsway.

Cleethorpes is twinned with Konigswinter, a city in Germany.

Along the seafront are three Victorian shelters, being repaired and painted now it's close season. 

Think I've been spotted !!

A lot of cafes only open at the weekends now.

One of the shelters, now fully refurbished.

Along the lower promenade are two of these semi circular seating area.

A couple of the seaside guest houses, being refurbished.

Various shops, cafes and public houses.

One of the illuminations along the seafront, not quite up to the standard of those at
Blackpool but we like them.

More about the "Leaking Boot" later.

Coastguards returning from an excercise.

Willys public house with it's own brewery on site.

Travelling in style !!

Since our last walk along here (in 2019) there are a few of these decorative recycling bins,
Sponsored and made by Blackrow, a local engineering firm.  This is for plastics.

"Reef Rash" caters for surfers and other water sports and yes Mike, we do occasionally
get some good waves here !!

The lower promenade is for walkers and cyclists only.

All spruced up.

These chimney stacks and pots caught my eye.

"The boy with the leaking Boot".

The original statue given to the town of CleethorpesNorth East Lincolnshire, in 1918 by John Carlbom or Calborn. It is reported that he was a Swedish immigrant to Cleethorpes who had built up a successful shipping business and was the Swedish Vice-Consul, and that the statue was a copy of one in the Hasselbacken Restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden. 

The Cleethorpes statue now stands in a pond in the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Gardens, on Kingsway. It was stolen and replaced in 2002 and 2008, and vandalised in October 2011. In July 2012, two youths were recorded on CCTV as they frolicked naked in the pond and destroyed the fountain. A replacement statue was made by a local garden ornaments manufacturer and installed with improved security in September 2012.  A nearby pub was named The Leaking Boot, but was destroyed by fire in June 2009.

Above info courtesy of Wikipedia.

The pub might be gone but, a fish & chip shop is named as the "Leaking Boot".

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 12-40mm Pro lens.


  1. David, I have thoroughly enjoyed this delightful and interesting tour of your town. Of course the photos are excellent and show the variety of businesses and places of interest. It is especially meaningful as I recall your other blog and the wonderful stories you shared of your childhood. I hope to re-read those. It is good to be out and about once again, although it still requires caution here. I’m looking forward to more of your local photos.

  2. Thank you Ann for your thoughtful comments, always an encouragement. I'm trying to photograph things more locally within the town and local area. Although we still take Suzi into the nearby countryside daily there's a limit to how many views I can photograph.
    I often re-read an item from my "40's Boy" blog I enjoyed doing it, it's a reminder of a way of life that in some respects was better than what we have now.

  3. What wonderful photos of the town, how different it must feel during the holiday season. Looks an interesting town, I like the shelters and the seating areas, can imagine them filled with people. I would be tempted by Willys Pub! Thanks for the tour, enjoyed every moment.
    Hope you can manage many more trips out.

    1. Thanks for your enthusiastic comments Mike, glad you liked the pics. Yes, it was odd being out amongst people and we hope to repeat it, while things allow. I have one or two ideas but the weather isn't too good this week.