Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Barrow Haven

Barrow Haven is a hamlet and small port in North Lincolnshire, England. It was the site of a former ferry crossing that spanned from the Humber estuary to Hull, serving as a place for ships and boats crossing the Humber to moor away from the tidal flow. A port continues to exist nearby and the area's rail access is based at the Barrow Haven railway station, a stop on the Barton Line.

Phyllis berthed at Barrow.

Phyllis is a restored Humber Keelboat.

Looking out of the Haven into the Humber Estuary.

A walkway above the main berths

Showing some of the gear on Phyllis

One of the workshops at Barrow haven.

All photo's taken on my Panasonic G5 camera.

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