Thursday 19 March 2015

Austen Fen.

Austen Fen, Lincolnshire, England.
Austen Fen is an area in Lincolnshire alongside the Louth Navigation Canal.  This was, as the name suggests, a navigable stretch of water that stretched from the inland market town of Louth to Teney Haven, 11 miles away on the coast.  Barges from Grimsby would travel down the coast and enter the Tetney Haven and, after passing through the lock at "Tetney Lock", they could travel the 11 miles to Louth to unload.  Along the way, at several locks, were large wharf side storage buildings as this one at Austen Fen.  Not all of the barges cargo would be bound for Louth and items would be dropped off at these buildings along the way.
Austen Fen Warehouse.

From the bridge looking the other way are farm buildings.

The old hoist beam can still be seen at the apex of the main gable front.

Ovum is I presume a poultry feed?  Probably stored in bulk at this warehouse.

Looking back toward the coast at Austen Fen.

Fishing is quite good on the Louth Navigation and is controlled by the Scunthorpe and District
Angling Society, but no fishing just here!

Not far from Austen Fen is a group of wind turbines.  Due to the generally flat nature of the
land in Lincolnshire they are springing up all over and have become a familiar part of
the landscape.

The road leading out of Austen Fen going on towards Grainthorpe.

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