Thursday 5 March 2015

Rear of Sainsburys. (part 4 of 5).

Not quite my "Swan Song", there's another post to follow this.
There's been a pair of swans on the Alexandra Dock for quite a while and they manage to
raise their young there, right in the centre of Grimsby's dockland.

They're used to being fed and are quite tame and harmless, as long as you respect them and
allow them to dictate the terms of any meeting with them.  This is the Cob leaving the water
to see what I'm about with his Pen following.

He's a fine creature!

Getting a bit "stroppy now"!

Sainsbury's store is just visible on the left, Ross Tiger, Corporation Bridge and Victoria Mill
in the distance.

These pictures taken on my Panasonic G5 camera.

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