Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Scooter Rally at Cleethorpes. The final posting. A few people at the Rally.

The Scooter rally brought thousands of people into Cleethorpes and all the pubs and cafes did a roaring trade.

I've finished off this set with a few images of people on the day.

This seafront pub set up a portable bar in their beer garden.

It was a very hot day and this lady (a true dog lover) found a shady spot and sat things out
with a large tub of water for her two English Bulldogs. 

This dog was really friendly, I only managed to get this one shot before it came right up
to me and demanded I stroke it!

This one has a bandana asking people NOT TO STROKE IT!  I didn't, just in case.

This was the best character of the day, he'd travelled on his scooter from Leeds to Cleethorpes
for the Rally.  Nothing was too much trouble and he really loved having us take photographs. 

The arched script at the top of the windscreen is Latin, he told me what it translates to in
English, but I'm not about to share it with you here!!

Wherever I go I look for "doggy pics".

The last picture in this set. The pubs where overflowing out onto the pavements and I caught this
young lady running the gauntlet and attracting some admiring glances, plus a few very
complementary comments too! 

All pictures taken on a Panasonic G5 camera.

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