Thursday, 27 August 2015

The National Coal Mining Museum. "A general look around". (Part two)

A more modern conveyor belt.

The Winding house houses a winch which is/was used to haul the cages up & down the pithead
shaft to lower miners to the working coalface.

The winch, once steam driven but now powered by electricity.  Steel cables around the drum went up to the top of the winding gear above the main shaft.

This shows the cables to and from the winch in The Winding House and up to the top of the pithead

There is a really interesting exhibition showing the history of coal mining and this lady is only
too pleased to show anyone around and talk about it all.  She takes groups of school children
around the exhibits and kindly posed for me between the talks.

For the photographers, this and the previous image taken at 1600 ASA (ISO if you want to be modern). 

The early miners safety lamps were superceded by these modern, rechargeable lamps which were
kept at the pithead, on charge and ready for use.

The pithead had a fully equipped engineering workshop.  Not all the men that "went down" were
coal miners, a lot of them were craftsmen.  Engineers, electricians, mining engineers and all maintenance work involving  any aspect of the mine and it's equipment would have been carried out, on site, by the  colliery's own staff. 

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