Wednesday 21 September 2016

Doddington Hall Sculpture Exhibition 2016. (Set 1 of 5)

The Sculpture Exhibition at Doddington is a biennial event.
I took quite a few pictures and I'll post some in between other items.

The first few images were taken on my new camera, an Olympus EM10 Mk2, which is a
compact system camera, using the Olympus 14 - 42mm PZ lens.
I'm really pleased with this camera as it is light, small and very "retro" being based on the
same design as the old Olympus OM series film cameras that I once used.

The Dragon is made of Willow and has been decorated, by the public, with strips of coloured
fabric from the basket by the tree.

There were quite a few modern sculptures, not really to my taste.

I liked this one as it "echoed" the church tower.

These topiary Unicorns are a permanent feature at Doddington and were perfectly
suited to the event. 

The next few, though modern, had pleasing shapes and textures.

As a keen gardener I enjoyed these Allium sculptures which were "planted" in the flower borders.

These are the real thing, I found these dried Allium heads hung up in the gardeners store.
They'll be used at the hall for their fabulous Christmas decorations.

I had to laugh at this with the sculpture of the girl apparently watching the decorator!

This is a "found" exhibit I came across in the gardeners' storage area.

I was really impressed by this exhibit.  It was large, almost as tall as an adult person.  Maybe
I should have had someone in the picture for scale but I think that would be a distraction.

The texture/colouring was striking.

Please don't be offended by this, it made me and many others
laugh.  It's mounted on a plinth and is about 2 feet high.
I call him "The Show-off" 1

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