Monday, 12 September 2016

Manchester. (The final set)

The first pictures here were taken inside the Lowry Centre which houses paintings by the artist L. S. Lowry.
Lowry was well known for his paintings depicting the hard times and life of the north of England.

The man in the raincoat is Lowry.
Laurence Stephen Lowry, born 1st November 1887 and died 23rd February 1976.
He painted industrial and social scenes around the Pendlebury and Salford areas in Lancashire.

These two ladies look at a portrait of the famous man.

The art works on this wall were by current artists in the style of Lowry.

Almost time to leave, I wanted a figure in the scene as a silhouette.  Naturally, having been
a busy area with people coming and going earlier, it now became devoid of any form of human
life!  So I delegated number 1 son Michael to do the honours for me.

Back outside the Lowry.

We have a friend (Graham) who loves busses. Someone has to I suppose.  So I took this for
Graham but didn't realise this arm had come into the picture also.  Actually, I quite like it.

Back on the tram to get to our train home.

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