Thursday, 22 December 2016

Doddington Hall at Christmas 2016. More fairy Tales.

Princess & the Pea.

This room was very dark and mysterious.  The Princess was asleep on a high bed, as is the tale, but I was unable to get a picture as she was near the doorway which had quite a few people coming in & out. 

The Princess's Tiara.

The Snow Queen.
This room took up the whole of the top floor as it depicts the Palace of The Snow Queen.
It was really cold but, a guide informed us, this room always is so it was ideal.

Visitors were encouraged to dress in the full length Mink coat (genuine Mink) and sit
in the throne to be photographed.  This young lady was posing for her family and kindly
allowed me to photograph her.  I got permission from her mum to post this picture on my blog. 

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