Sunday 12 November 2017

The National Railway Museum at York. (Set 2 of 2) "The Station Hall".

The Station Hall is set out like a mainline railway station from the heydays of the steam railway industry.  Again, the lighting was very warm in tone but it created a lovely atmosphere within the "Station".


Back in the day if you wanted to go onto the platform to see someone off or to just look
into the cab of a loco you would need to buy a Platform Ticket.

Each "platform" is set out with a waiting loco and carriages.

A lot of freight was still being carried by rail.

Anything, it seems, could go by train as long as it was correctly wrapped!

Honeymoons would start with a train journey.

A Travelling Post Office Sorting Carriage.
Letters were sorted overnight to various cities & towns and dropped off along the route.

Detail of the ornate brass door handles.  
Modern carriages of course are streamlined with push buttons to open their doors.

There were 3 classes of service for rail passengers.

The Museum has a good restaurant here between the platforms.

EM5ii with 14-60mm Leica lens.

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