Friday, 19 July 2019

The Gas Lamp.

In the area around the Riverhead in Louth are industrial buildings that were once associated with the boats that came to Louth along the "Louth Navigation" canal.  The businesses that occupied them have long since gone, some of the warehouses have been converted to riverside apartments, some are left empty but a few are still in use as commercial premises.  Amongst them are "Louth Building Supplies", there is a steel fabrication company and, tucked away in a small square is "The Gas Lamp" public house. 

I spotted it on a recent walk from the opposite bank of the canal and investigated it, and I'm pleased that I did.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 14-42 EZ Mzuiko lens.


  1. Such striking red brickwork, a wonderful looking building. Good to see it is being used and preserved. Great photos David.

    1. Thank you Mike. This is an interesting part of Louth, the bricks are "Lincoln Reds" & are seen on older buildings all over Lincolnshire.