Thursday 12 December 2019

An eclectic group of pics.

A mix of pictures without any particular theme.

A few posts ago I mentioned that my wife Carole often paints
watercolour paintings based on my photographs.  A lady blog
viewer (who will know who I refer to) suggested I feature some
of Carole's paintings on the blog.   
Below are a couple, preceded by the photo's she based them on.

 My favourite is the Horse Chestnut tree.

The following pictures are of my dog Suzi & a rabbit
I spotted out in the countryside, plus a local chip shop.

No, not E.T.   This is Suzi having been bathed.  Not happy!

More recently, I had a compact on loan from my local camera shop and I managed
to catch Suzi asleep.  (It's not difficult!)
Pappa's Fish & Chip Shop.

I spotted this rabbit enjoying some December sun rays in his/her garden.

Various cameras, various times.

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  1. Love your wife's paintings - you are quite a talented duo! Suzi looks fun, I miss having a dog.