Friday 6 December 2019

Docks Beers.

"Docks Beers" is a new Pub & Brewery launched in 2018 in a deconsecrated church on King Edward Street, Grimsby, close to the docks. Providing craft beers brewed on the premises where the customers can watch the brewing process from the comfort of their seats whilst enjoying the finished product. 

They kindly allowed me to photograph the interior and it's very different to the usual public house.  For more information regarding Docks Beers please click on their link below.

Docks Beers in King Edward Street, Grimsby.

The public seating area is adjacent to the brewing area so customers can watch
the brewing process as they relax.

This young lady agreed to be photographed & gave me permission to post her
picture on my blog, thank you.

When I was there the brewing area was being cleaned down and I was really impressed
with the shiny vats (probably the wrong term for them) as they made great photo's.

They serve a large range of craft beers in the pub and also in cans.

I got talking to this chap, he too was happy to be photographed and to let me 
post his picture on my blog.

A really interesting pub with a difference, well worth a visit.
Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 12-100 Pro lens.
(All taken at 1600 ISO).


  1. It’s great that the building could be repurposed in this way. Someone poured a lot of money into this business and it looks as if it is successful. The brewing equipment is always impressive looking and as clean as a hospital it seems. That gentleman looked like he might need some company so I’m glad you took his picture. Delightful post with wonderful details. Cheers!

    1. Having re-read your comment Ann I spotted at least two puns, intended or otherwise. Interesting comment as always.

  2. Glad you caught that:-) Have a great afternoon!

  3. One of the Cornish brewers offers people the opportunity to view the brewing process but, for some reason, I have never done the tour. After seeing your excellent photos I must put a visit on my list.
    The Docks Beers premises looks so spotless, those vats sparkle.
    A very interesting post.

    1. It's a new venture, they're planning to make the whole of the upper floor into a music venue & resturant.