Wednesday 18 November 2020

Some pics from just before the 2nd "Lockdown".

  These Pictures were taken shortly before we went into our 2nd "Lockdown".

My garden is almost finished for this year.

I featured this old barn a while ago.  It's now undergoing restoration.

The Ram on the left is giving me a threatening stare.

An old Horse Chestnut tree, it's "companion" was destroyed in storms last year.


  1. Like the horse chestnut photos especially. Shame it got hit by the storm, must have been a good age. I also like the third photo and how the roof compliments the Autumn leaves.
    Lets hope the lockdown doesn't continue.

    1. I'm missing our trips into the countryside. Summer is ok but our Lincolnshire Woods take on a wonderful atmosphere in the winter. Thank you Mike.

  2. A beautiful collection from a beautiful day! I love the photo before the sheep, which is also delightful. The colors of the distant woods look so varied and intense. Are you allowed to take pleasure drives during your lockdown?

    1. Nice to hear from you Ann, hope you're keeping well. No, pleasure drives are not allowed. We can go out for exercise and drive short distances to get to parks, the beach etc., but that's all. We aren't leaving the house now as our usual places are considerably more than a "short drive" and local parks & the seafront are very busy.
      The situation here in the UK is escalating quickly and the winter period will make things worse. Stay safe.