Tuesday 1 December 2020

Film Scans from my Archives. (Set 2).

 During the latest "Lockdown" I'm unable to get out & about so I looked into my archives and found an old CD with a few scanned slide and negative film images.

(Apologies if I've used these pics in earlier blog posts.)

The South Quay at Grimsby Fish Dock, taken on a very cold & foggy day.

A closer view of the previous scene.
Photography is no longer allowed on Grimsby Dock, something I really miss.

Elterwater with Langdale Pike in the distance in the English Lake District.

Taken many years ago, no Exif details to fall back on but I'm fairly
confident these pics were taken on an Olympus OM1n + 35-75 Zuiko lens.


  1. Hello David, like the mistiness and dampness of the Grimsby Dock. Looks an interesting place to visit with all of the boats. The Elterwater photo is lovely, with great depth.
    Take care.

    1. Thank you Mike. I'm out of new photo's now & we are in Tier 3 so may be some time before I get out again. Not too bothered as the weather is dull, damp & foggy.

    2. Thanks David, damp and drizzly here too. We are lucky - if anyone can be lucky within the coronavirus period - as we are on Tier 1. I see that the vaccines should be going ahead soon, so maybe 2021 will be a better year for us all, fingers crossed.
      All good wishes to you and yours.