Sunday, 1 January 2023

2022 in Pictures.

 For many reasons 2022 was a memorable year for me. I've picked out a picture (or two) from each month of this year, some from blog posts but some you might not have seen. Each one has a special meaning for me, some more than others.

Happy New Year to all my Blogging friends.


Snowdrops, always the first flower in Spring.


The Parish Church at the village of Brigsley.


The first of 2 photo's of Spring Lambs.


Cowslip at Wold Newton. There was a field full of them there.


Playing with a bit of still life/pattern photography.


Horses in the Lincolnshire Wolds.


My Tortoise Joey, emerging from his Garden House.


Cornflowers in my garden.

September 7th 2022.

I had my operation on the 7th September and took this on my mobile

phone in the morning. It was the last time I saw Suzi.

September 8th 2022.

My son took this of me the day after my procedure, on my mobile

phone for me. Maybe it's an odd thing to put on my blog but it's

probably the most significant photograph of 2022 for me.


The beach north of Cleethorpes heading towards Grimsby and the docks.

One of the first trips out with my camera.


Haverstoe Park in Cleethorpes.


Another mobile phone picture, hope you had a Happy Christmas. Best wishes for 2023.


  1. Oh David, so many beautiful photos. Your eye captures all that I loved about Lincolnshire and much of what I miss about England. The photo o Suzi caught my breath. How you must miss her. And the one of you in hospital...yes, a very significant event in your life. I'm so glad you're better now. I'm going to spend some time watching your Louth presentation this week now that we have our peace back after Christmas. Thank you again for all your beautiful images. I hope you'll get to take many more in the coming months. Happy New Year, David!

    1. Happy New Year Val, I'm pleased you enjoyed the photo's & thank you for your kind comments. I've watched the Louth Canal video myself and got a shock when I heard my voice as others hear it! Ha ha!!

  2. Such meaningful photos, so very touching - especially the photos from your hospital stay and of Suzi. All good wishes, hope you have a healthy, happy year ahead.

  3. A belated happy 2023 to you David. What a year 2022 was for you. Very touching photos xXx