Saturday 7 January 2023

Suggets Lane, Railway Footbridge.

Suggets lane in Cleethorpes had a level crossing to allow residents to cross the railway line and gain access to the beach there.  Several years ago Network Rail decided to close it as there had been several near misses with people taking risks with oncoming trains.  After protests it was decided to replace the level pedestrian crossing with a new footbridge that accommodated, pedestrians, people in wheelchairs or pushchairs and cyclists.  The bridge was constructed off site and erected in sections, it was completed and opened in March of this year (2022).

(I took these pictures in late 2022)

The new footbridge over the railway line into Cleethorpes, in pristine condition.
I hope it remains that way.

This ramp is for cyclists, wheelchair & pushchair users.  

This young man came past with what looked like twins in a pushchair, easier than the steps.

His wife/partner took the stairs.

Here he is on the opposite side.  
(They did give me permission to use the photo's)

From the top of the bridge there's a view towards Grimsby dock and commercial vessels.

The large white building is a cold store on Grimsby Fishdock. 

Down below is the way onto the bankside footpath that goes along the Humber Estuary.

A favourite place for locals and dog walkers.

Two ships just outside Grimsby Dock.

I took the ramp for the return trip.

A cyclist came by and gave me a wave.

Another view from the top of the bridge.

Looking inland from the bridge is Chapmans Pond, a place I used to fish at when I was
a lad.  Closed many years ago despite several attempts to get it re-opened.  The large tower
is the water tower for the supply of water to Cleethorpes.  I don't know if it's still in use but
it remains and it is festooned with various aerials.

Pelham Road just around the corner, the water tower looms above the houses.

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 12-100 Pro lens.


  1. Who'd have thought a crossing would make such interesting photos - enjoyed the photos very much.

  2. Thank you Mike, I wasn't sure if this bridge would be found interesting on blogger but I'm pleased now that I know at least one person thought so! Apart from the usual things people photograph, I like to document local things happening around Cleethorpes and that's why I photographed this new footbridge. The RNLI are building a new lifeboat station on the beach here and I've started photographing it and will document it as it develops. Not a lot of changes yet but when they get "out of the ground" and beyond the piling stage things will move fairly quickly. I'll put it on the blog all in one post when completed.

  3. Super pictures David. It looks like a very fine bridge, obviously appreciated by the locals. A great work out to cross by the looks of it too! Great to see the Humber. Is that a ferris wheel I can spot in the background of one picture? Your RNLI documentation sounds interesting too. Lulu :) x

    1. Yes, it is a Ferris wheel in the distance, on the beach at the Holiday part of Cleethorpes. This bridge is to allow access to the north beach, less sand and no amusements. Its only used by us locals. Thanks for your comments Lulu.