Friday 10 November 2023

A walk around Cleethorpes.

 I took these photo's back in August on my Panasonic compact camera.  I walked around some lesser known areas of the town before going onto the seafront.

Café at the bottom of Seaview Street.

It welcomes dogs, as does a few cafe's and eating places these days.

Many years ago it was a local dairy and retains this mosaic in the entrance doorstep.

Cuttleby, a walkway between two roads with a couple of houses. 

I spotted this display in the porchway.

This sign made me laugh too.

St. Peter's Church where we got married and where my wife's funeral took place in July.

On the wall of the house next to the church.

It depicts "Dudley", a donkey once owned by Gladys Nuttall. 
A well known Cleethorpes lady who kept donkeys on the beach.

This old Austen is regularly seen around the area.

Local butchers shop in St. Peter's Avenue.

Above the shop front is an old delivery bike.

Modern versions of Victorian street lamps.

This fish & chip café is considered by some as the best in Cleethorpes.

But then again, many folk say this one is the best.  

Looking down toward the seafront.

Lots for our visitors to buy at this shop.

Of course, I was attracted to these delightful dogs.

In the Pier Gardens is this life sized sculpture of Dudley, made by local potter
Donnas Peterson, who I got to know a few years ago.  The local vandals have broken off his
right ear, leaving only the metal spike and have since broken off the left one too.

A ferry heading past the pier on it's way to either Grimsby or Immingham dock. 

Crazy Golf, always popular.

One of the signs in the Crazy Golf, fashioned in the style
of Donald McGill, who used to design saucy seaside postcards.

The old Baptist Church.  During WW1 it was bombed and some soldiers billeted in
it were killed.

"The Point",  apartment block on the highest point along the seafront.

Strange name for a shop I thought.

Folk enjoying some outside hospitality at the top of Seaview Street.

Panasonic TZ100 compact.


  1. Cleethorpes is both bigger and prettier than I ever imagined, David. I really enjoyed your collection here. Have you ever lived elsewhere? Seeing the photo of the church suggests maybe not, but I wondered. Poor Dudley, losing his ears to vandals. I hope the artist feels inclined to repair them i particularly liked the backstreet photo. It looks delightful there.

  2. PS we often see DFDS ferries on our canal. They go from Gent to Copenhagen mostly, but some of them go to Norway too. I wonder where yours was going!

    1. Oops, you’ve said so in the caption...sorry! :)

    2. I've lived in Cleethorpes all of my life. In the 1970s & 80s it got a bit rundown but has had quite a lot of changes and improvements since then and is now very pleasant
      I don't know what the DFDS ferry was bringing, but Grimsby is a major port for importing cars to the UK so that's maybe what it was carrying. For many years a boat brought dairy products to Grimsby and was known locally as "the butter boat"
      Thank you for visiting my blog. David

  3. Enjoyed the walk and sights The butchers bike brought back some memories. While still at school I delivered meat to customers on Saturday mornings on the same style bike. Didn't enjoy it much but liked the extra money. Wasn't a vegetarian back then. The DFDS ship also brought back memories - we often used the overnight ship across to Denmark with our car. We then drove into Germany to where my wife's mother lived. St. Peter's looks a lovely, peaceful church. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you Mike, hope all is well with you.

  4. A colourful, interesting walk around Cleethorpes. Very touching to see St Peter's church. Gotta love a battle of the best chippy. The signs did make me laugh :) x

    1. Thanks Lulu, I like to look out for amusing items. David