Friday 3 November 2023

Late afternoon walk.

 Popcorn & I had a walk today at Wold Newton and then Grainsby, in the late Autumn sunlight.

A view across the Lincolnshire fields.

Last rays of sun at Wold Newton.

This view is from Beesby Top looking out across to the Humber estuary.

As I drove past the church at Grainsby I saw the lights were on so stopped to have a look.

Just inside the door is a plaque with Royal Coat of Arms.  it was given to the Parish of
Grainsby in 1804 by the King to illustrate how the monarch is the head of the Church.

Interior view.

As I was leaving the light was already failing.

Nikon Z50 + 16 - 50mm lens.


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  2. Beautiful photos, David. Late afternoon is such a magical time to take photos, especially when there are still a few rays of sunshine. Lincolnshire's light and skies have the same kind of quality as ours over here.

    1. I was dodging the showers but the quick bursts of sun were great. Thank you Val, glad you liked them. David.

    2. They're truly lovely, David. Sometimes, I miss England very much, especially when I see your photos.

    3. Thank you Val, your comments always appreciated. David

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    1. It was a nice day, the church lights stood out as the light faded. Thanks Lulu, David