Saturday 24 February 2024

Humberston Fitties Foreshore, Winter.

The last post was of photo's taken in the summer at the Fitties.  These pics were taken in January this year late in the afternoon with the sun very low in the sky.

A freezing cold day, frosty start and the odd snow flake in the wind.

A lot more birds now on the creek and the sand bars as we get a lot of winter migrants down here.

Still a few people out for a walk, mostly locals well wrapped up against the cold.

This couple were enjoying the last bit of sunshine.  There's a trend now down on the Fitties
were folk decorate some of the benches.

Shipping on the Estuary and Spurn Lighthouse on the north bank.

The sun has gone from the foreground in this pic as the sun drops down behind the dunes
but is still lighting up the distant beach.

A ferry leaves the Humber ports.

The sun is going down quickly now, just a touch of sunlight on the sand bank.

This jetty has steps down to the beach, the ferry is making good progress.

Panasonic TZ100 compact camera.


  1. Super photos David. The light on the snaking tidal stream is stunning! Hope you are keeping well. All soggy with wild wind down in Cornwall today. Sadly no sea swimming for me this morning. On the tea & biscuits ;) x

    1. Thank you Lulu, we're enjoying some rare sunny days with early frost here. My garden is waking up and the grass needs cutting. Too wet just yet though

  2. Ooh, I do love these photos, David. Your coastline is so similar to ours, and these wonderful expanses of sand and dunes are uplifting. It may be winter, but the people in your photos seem to be enjoying their strolls on the sands.

  3. PS Your header photo could also be the Netherlands. It's lovely!

    1. Hello Val, thanks for your comments. I enjoy our beaches in the winter, only a few locals go down there and we have the place to ourselves. David.

  4. Great photos David. I also like beaches and the coast where there are only a few people about - whatever the weather.

    1. When our children were young this beach was a favourite place to come. In those far off days the creek was a long way out and the sand deep and golden, a very safe place to come to. As the kids grew up we didn't visit it much. After my wife died I was reluctant to go there but now it's become one of our favourite walks for me & Popcorn. Happy memories.
      Thanks for commenting Mike. David.