Sunday 30 June 2019

Evening sun at Austen Fen.

My last post was of the Louth Navigation as it reaches the Riverhead at Louth.   Austen Fen is further back along the canal and was a stopping off point to load/unload goods at the wharf side warehouse.   There are quite a few along the length of the canal, where the canal is crossed by a road so goods can be loaded onto lorries.  In the early days horse and carts would have been used.

Looking one way from the bridge, as the canal continues on to Louth, is a farm.

Looking in the opposite direction is a wharf side store which would have been used 
mainly for storing grain.  Goods would be loaded/unloaded here for forward transportation
by road using horse and carts. 

The white doors on each floor are to access and load goods to each floor having been hoisted
up using the beam protruding from the top gable.

This view of the canal is as it runs north to Tetney and the North Sea.  The other direction
continues to journeys end at Louth, not a great distance but the vessels that plied their trade
along the water were all sailing boats relying on the wind for progress.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 14-42 EZ M.Zuiko lens.


  1. Very beautiful photos and a lovely place. This must have been a prosperous farming operation by the looks of the barn. The brickwork is wonderful and I like the detailed shot of the roof line. As always I enjoy your posts!

  2. Thank you Ann, your comments always appreciated. I'm hoping to undertake a full project covering the length of the Louth Navigation from the North Sea to Louth Riverhead.

  3. Superb photos, David, love the sky contrasting with the brickwork. The canal looks to be in great condition.