Saturday, 8 February 2020

Calm before the storm.

I haven't been out with my camera much this year, today was a cold but sunny day so I took the chance to get a few pictures as later tonight and tomorrow, "Storm Ciara" is due to hit the UK with winds up to 72mph.
I walked along our North Promenade mainly, not an area I usually go to.

This is a relatively new groin at the end of the North Promenade.

Known as the "Fishtail" people like to clamber about on it.

From the end of the promenade, looking toward Grimsby Fish dock.
The "Dock Tower" can be seen to the right of the large cold store.

Looking back toward the Pier with the old wooden groynes.

Back at the popular area of amusement arcades and food outlets.

I "spotted" this Dalmatian!

Into the Market Place, I saw this reflection in an Indian Restaurant window.

Another view of the food shops in the Mkt. Place.

Finally, back home, a view of our neighbourhood from our driveway.

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 25mm lens.


  1. No problems here as regards "Storm Ciara" at the moment (13:07-9 Feb). Was a little windy and drizzly this morning when we went for a walk. I believe things may change later today though. We have lots of quite large trees on the opposite side of the road to us, so fingers crossed.

    Always enjoy your photos, glad you spotted that Dalmatian!

    Stay safe.

    1. Thanks Mike, strong gales & rain here from midnight onwards, just starting to ease A bit now.

  2. It’s good to be out in the winter, especially with sun and blue sky so I’m glad you took advantage and shared these great photos. I always look at these are try to imagine the same scenes from your childhood that you described in your other blog. I like seeing your delightful neighborhood and hope that you didn’t lose any plantings due to the storm. We’ll be approaching tornado season soon here and that always keeps everyone on edge.

  3. Thank you Ann, the storm came through today and was really rough at times, easing now though. Probably a bit tame compared to "tornado season" though. 😊