Thursday, 4 June 2020

Lincolnshire Mills.

Lincolnshire has a lot of mills, some derelict, others now residential and many restored and still working.
These images from my archives, they have been on the blog before but many years ago.

Heckington windmill, near Sleaford.  The only 8 sailed mill with it's sails still
intact in the UK.  Built in 1830.

Alvingham Watermill, near Louth.  Still working until a few years ago but now
a private residence.   Built in 1782.

Cogglesford Watermill in Sleaford.  Still a working mill and open to the public.
(Closed currently during the Covid 19 Pandemic).
The current mill is on the River Slea and was built in the early 18th centuary but
corn has been milled on this site for over 1,000 years.


  1. I’m really enjoying this post and the photos are beautiful. The windmills are quite different than the ones you would find here. Yours remind me of our lighthouses. I looked up a map of windmills in your area and was surprised to see so many and I’m so glad to see your photos of these very old ones. Very interesting! I’ll have to read more. Thanks, David!

  2. I like to see windmills but for some inexplicable reason I find them a little scary for some reason - perhaps I was a miller in another life! Interesting to see the water mills as well.