Friday 31 January 2014

Frosty, Foggy Day at Cleethorpes. Day two, Peoples Park.

This is the last of the foggy/frosty/cold series of pictures.

Peoples Park is in Grimsby, Lincolnshire and was donated to the people of Grimsby.  See below.

People's Park is a lovely example of a Victorian Park; it was first opened on 17th August 1883. The land for the park was donated by Lord Heneage in 1881, William Barron won a competition to design the park, and this design is still mostly intact today.
(This information courtesy of the North East Lincs website.)

A bit of colour on a chilly day.

Looking over toward the bowling greens and pavilion.

Other people where out with their cameras too. 

A bit cold on the doggy's paws?

Sunshine through the trees.

Frosty seat.

Being "attacked" by a Cavalier!!

The last in the "Frosty Foggy" series.

All pictures taken on a Panasonic G5 camera.

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