Friday, 3 January 2014

National railway Museum, York. (3rd & final part))

The Station Hall

This hall is set out like a busy station with static displays along the platforms.

The entrance to The Station Hall.

This machine was for stamping out your own metal labels.

Several loco's drawn up to the buffers.  See the huge clock on the far wall, at least 8 feet tall!

An old weighing machine and a chocolate machine.

Platform ticket machines and that huge clock.

Along the platform were various displays of luggage and miscellaneous items. 

Off on honeymoon?

Possibly bound for the buffet car?

Fish & Flowers.

Returning to school after the holidays?

Everything wrapped including a bike and Teddy!

Royal Mail carriage.

Inside a mobile Royal Mail sorting office.  Just like the one on the mail train of the
Great Train Robbery.

A view back along the platform, it had a really authentic atmosphere, helped by
piped sounds of trains arriving & departing.

3rd Class but quite comfortable in it's day I suppose.

A different class of travel & luxury though on this, the Royal Train!

A nice desk for the King or Queen to write their postcards home?

The Royal Trains.

What a pity this magnificent locomotive was so close to the railings, making it
impossible to get a photograph of the front with the Royal Crest.
All photographs taken on a Panasonic G5 camera, tripod mounted with exposure times varying
from 3 to 5 seconds @ f8.
This is the final set, I hope you found something to interest you.

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