Monday, 13 January 2014

Grimsby Dock Scenes.

A few pictures of trawlers in Grimsby Docks.
(All scanned slides)

H18 "St. Andrew" sailing out of Hull.
         A boat up on the slipway having a re-paint of it's hull.  
         In the heyday of the fishing industry boats many times the size of this one were hauled up these 
         slipways and it was frightening to see them propped and shored up.

A foggy day on Grimsby fish docks.

H232, "Loch Montieth", sailing out of Hull.

GY14, "Wardley", sailing out of Grimsby.

H232, "Loch Montieth"a closer view.

GT691 "Erimo"

The "Erimo", one of the old trawlers that once sailed out of Grimsby before the fishing industry
collapsed.  It was alongside being renovated for some alternative use but over several years

nothing seemed to change in it's appearance and then, long before it could be considered "finished"

it dissapeared from the dock.  It was originally owned by H. L. Taylors and still displays 
the 3 diamonds on it's funnel.  All Grimsby trawlers had  a recognition symbol on their funnels 
to enable them to be easily identified at distance. 
My father sailed for Taylors and was Chief Engineer on the Osako,  he also did an 
occasional trip on "Erimo". 

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