Monday 2 June 2014

A few photo's on Grimsby Fish Dock.

I took these a while back but never used them so though they might as well be seen on the blog.
Taken at Grimsby Fishdock on the 29th May 2007.  The small red boat on the left is called
"Our Roseanne", PH 5547 and at the time was registered at the River Fowey in South Cornwall.
The larger blue vessell, SZN 72 is the "Patricia 111", once Polish flagged but seen here waiting to sail
down the Humber Estuary to be scrapped at nearby New Holland.
The building in the centre is the Arctic Breeze fish freezing & packing plant.

CO 66 is the "Seiont" from Caenarfon, a boomtrawler.

A few smaller inshore fishing vessels. 

Nets & floats.

Lobster pots.

A boat painting contractor who's building
is adjacent to the slipway where boats can
be hauled out to have their hulls examined
and repainted with anti-fouling paint.  It seems
they try out the colours on this shed!

GY 480  "Alice Isabel" registered at Grimsby.  The other larger green vessel I've been unable to
identify as the Reg. number is obscured.
In the distance is the Dock Tower, an iconic building in Grimsby, known the world over to seafarers.

All pictures taken on a Canon EOS300D.

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