Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Grimsby Fishdocks 2003. (1 of 2)

These images on the fish dock at Grimsby were taken in 2003 on a Nikon E4300 4m compact.
The docks were in decline but still had a few more boats fishing from the port than now in 2014.
Quite a few of the boats though were registered in other ports and only used Grimsby to land 
and sell their catch. 
This is the old Ice House, now derelict having been replaced with a modern, smaller unit.

The ice was transported over the road on these conveyor belts to the ships.

Along this jetty was once buildings known as the Pontoons.  They were demolished years ago.

These pontoon buildings still exist but are left empty and derelict.  You can see how the ice chutes
carried the ice over the road from the Ice house and down the "funnels" into the holds of the trawlers.

the derelict pontoon building.  Fish merchants would have their "stands" all the way along here
with an office above them.

There are still a few smoke houses on the docks smoking haddocks.

A few smaller fishing boats.

One of the unused docks was converted to a mariner some years ago and is now home to
many yachts and cabin cruisers.  A form of diversification, on a very expensive scale!

The ice house again.

A very empty looking fishdock compared to the heydays of the 50's & 60's. 

Fish nets and floats.

Part 2 will follow soon.

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