Tuesday 24 June 2014

Humberston Fitties Chalets (Part 2 of 2

Time to sit and enjoy the weather.

Another England Football supporter?

Some of the little items that make each chalet unique.

Not all the chalets are in tip top condition, this one is waiting to be loved!

One of the larger examples.

Ken & Liz are rightly proud of their chalet.

Here's an opportunity to own and enjoy "life on The Fitties"!

A lovely garden at this chalet.

More customising to put a personal stamp to this chalet.

Looking along another road on site.

A timber theme to the building style of this one.

Another opportunity to become a Fitties Chalet owner?  Quite a bit of work required though.

A few of the chalets have a seaside or nautical theme with lifebelts or, as in this case, ships wheels.

This owner is campaigning for the 50 weeks occupancy.

A "Colonial theme" perhaps for this chalet?

This is Elle's Place, as can be seen on the following image.  I don't know Elle but I fully support
the sentiment shown in this notice!

Like me, Elle really likes dogs!!

Number 52, Berryhead Beach House.

A little bit more comfortable than just a "Hut" as the name implies.  The beach theme continues
with the lifebelt.

Maybe just needs a few hours in the garden?

One of the last chalets as I was leaving the site.

I enjoyed my tour around "The Humberston Fitties Conservation Area", in this modern era it's
a nice change to see such a quirky place that is being looked after so well.

All images taken on a Panasonic Lumix G5 camera.

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