Wednesday 11 June 2014

Grimsby Fishdocks 2003. (2 of 2)

"Olbek" registered with several reg/numbers and names but here on the South Quay in 2003.
In the background is a "Cat Class" boat from the old Ross group fleet.  I think it was the
Ross Cougar, it was undergoing a major refit and conversion to a 3 masted schooner before
sailing for Australia where it was allegedly to be used as a dive charter vessel on the Barrier Reef. 

GY 389 registered as the "Gitte Liza" when I took this but research shows it had sailed under other names.


The South Quay with Ross House in the background.  It was the headquarters of Ross group.

Looking across the dock.

This photo gives the impression that there were a lot of boats in the dock but in reality they
were all berthed together in one corner of the dock on the South Quay.

Gitte Liza berthed alongside Olbek.

The North Wall.  In the heydays of Grimsby's fishing industry deep sea trawlers would be berthed

2-deep all the way along here.  Fishermen boarding for a fishing trip often had to climb onto the trawler berthed 
alongside the quay and then climb over the stern of that vessel to get onto the one berthed behind it!  

The trawler with the white diamonds on it's funnel is (I believe) "Tokio"one of the Diamond Steam 
Fishing Company boats built at Goole.  One of several companies owned overall 
by H. L. Taylors, for which my father sailed as Chief Engineer on the "Yesso"
Tokio had been sold to the Admiralty as a "target vessel" for gunnery practice but was then
bought privately and re-appeared in Grimsby in 2003 to be refitted.  She then dissapeared again and I can find no more information beyond that point.

J52 is the Doreen Rosa from the Channel Islands, registered at Jersey.

At the far end of the North Wall and close to the Dock Tower.

The boats with the red floats is the "Fleur de France", another Jersey registered boat.

I was unable to get much information about FR231 other than she was named "Ellen" in 1992.

Looking back along the once crowded North Wall, this image gives a true indication of the current
fishing industry in Grimsby.  There being very few boats berthed along here now in 2014.

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