Tuesday 1 July 2014

Doddington Hall Gardens. (1 of 3).

Doddington Hall is in Lincolnshire near the City of Lincoln.
Dating back to 1595 it was built by Robert Smythson the celebrated Elizabethan Architect
and completed in 1600.  It has been in the same family ever since with 400 years of unbroken
family occupancy.  The current owners are Claire & James Birch who took over in 2006.

The front of Doddington Hall.

Main entrance with Astilbe fronds in the foreground.

Adjacent to the Hall is Doddington church.  The gardener is taking a rest.

Potting shed.

Herb Garden.


Inside the walled vegetable garden, flowers along the walls.

We visited during "Iris Week" but they had flowered early this year so we missed the main
display.  Just these few were still in flower in the walled garden though. 

There are lots of lovely walks connecting all the gardens together.

Around the gardens are many sculptures.

Part 2 to follow soon.

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