Tuesday 7 October 2014

Doddington Hall Sculpture Exhibition, 2014. (Part 1 of 6)

Sculptures at Doddington Hall.

In 2012 Doddington Hall held a scuplture exhibition within the grounds of the Hall.  It was such a success they repeated it and held a 2nd Sculpture Exhibition in 2014.

The 2014 exhibition had over 400 exhibits and, although I took a lot of photographs, I'm not showing them all here in this blog.  However, I wanted to show as many as possible so, to avoid flooding the blog with these pictures, I intend to post a couple of sets every now & then between other blog posts. I hope you enjoy the photographs, I certainly enjoyed the exhibition.

The event was very popular as can be seen from the number of cars in the car park.

Outside the entrance to the hall were the first sculptures.

These were very skillfully made from riveted metal sections. 

Inside the Gardens the exhibits were presented in various settings over a wide area of
the gardens at Doddington Hall.  Normally very pleasant to walk around anyway but
with the added attraction of the exhibits.

This was a more modern piece.

Where the Hall provided a backdrop to an exhibit it added
to the overall setting and enjoyment.

The gardeners at the Hall entered into the spirit of the occasion
with these grand topiary characters!

I found this piece very pleasing and relaxing to view.

The next part will follow soon.

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