Tuesday 6 June 2017

Kingston Upon Hull, UK City of Culture 2017. (The Final Set)

The Humber Street Fruit Market.

The Humber Street area was once a thriving fruit market but recently has fallen into decline.

Recent refurbishments and diversification has breathed new life into this area and it is now a thriving mix of cafes and music venues with a lively atmosphere and culture.

One or two original premises remain in their decaying condition and although they are now longer trading they display the character that prevailed when Humber Street was in it's heydays. 

One of the old shops being used as a temporary art exhibition.

A lovely old door.

One of the new businesses.

Local music plays a big part in Hull.

An original fruit trader's premises.

A music venue.

In the image below is a poster to "Save Dead Bod"
This image depicts Dead Bod which is a large graffiti on a quayside building looking out onto
the Humber Estuary.  It was there for many years and the Hull fishermen would look out for
it when returning from 2 to 3 weeks away at sea.  To see "Dead Bod" meant you were almost
home.   The sheds have been demolished as part of a revitalisation of the area, however, the
campaign to save Dead Bod was successful and the whole side of this building  was cut away and is now an art installation within the City of Culture. 

"The above image is not mine but is courtesy of Wikipedia."

Reflections in a double glazed window.

Another doggy.....this is "Stanley".

Come on Stanley.

There's a strong café culture now along Humber Street.

Some people enjoying the warm day.

We popped into the art exhibition.

The artist.

Kingston Upon Hull is the UK City of Culture for 2017 and as this image states, the city
has been reinventing itself in readiness for this year and there's a lot to see and enjoy.

All pictures in this series taken on my Olympus EM10
with 14 - 42mm + 9 - 18mm lenses.

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