Monday, 11 February 2019

Grimsby Docks Visits, a visit to an engineering works. (Part 2 of 2)

The second instalment of my visit to Bacon Engineering on Grimsby's Fish Dock.

Another engineer working a lathe at Bacon Engineering.

In the yard outside I saw this bin full of "turnings", this is the metal which is trimmed off the
component being shaped in the lathe.

This piece is having holes drilled around the faceplate.

The next few images are small groups of items I like to include. "Still Life" photo's
of random items I see.

I didn't see the calendar on the day...…….Honestly!

A few more "Still Life" pics.

A rack had lengths of metal bars of differing diameters.

Another engineer, they were all very friendly and I managed a conversation with them
but I really wanted photo's of them at work & they duly obliged.

One last shot of the workshop as I was leaving, soon Bacon Engineering will be in new 
premises so I was fortunate to be allowed to photograph the workshop.

I enjoyed my photo visit to Bacon Engineering, thank you Steve Cook, managing Director for allowing it and a special thanks to the engineers there for allowing me to photograph them at work.  I hope I didn't get in your way...……….well not too much anyway.  Thanks lads.

All the photo's on my visit were taken on my Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-100 Pro lens.
The light was very dramatic and atmospheric but quite low for photography so they were all taken at around 2,000 ASA...(that's ISO to you young'uns!)


  1. You've done really well to deal with the reflections in the metal. Great shots, and a credit to you.

    1. Thanks Diane, it was a really exciting opportunity and I made the most of it.

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  3. Great set of images, I really like the close up bits and bobs

  4. Just wonderful photos, all very interesting and well done. I’ve been looking forward to your return visit to the shop!

  5. You have captured the full flavour of the works with your superb photos - so much detail.