Saturday 4 May 2019

Ramone the Circus Clown (from my archives)

I don't have any new or recent images to post at the present time, must get out asap with my camera.
However, a friend of mine Diane Seddon, recently posted on her blog the idea of going back through her archived images and reworking them.  I decided to have a look at my old pictures and found quite a few that might be worth another look & this is the first of them.  So thank you Diane, it's been an interesting exercise.
Please take a look at Diane's blog, it's in the "Links to other blogs" on my blog or just copy the link below.
Ramone, the Circus Clown.

Quite a few years ago (2008) I was fortunate to meet Ramone, the clown starring in "Uncle Sam's Great American Circus" when it came to Cleethorpes.  Over a few days we became friends, he showed me around the circus behind the scenes and I met most of the other acts in the show.  I asked him if I could photograph him while he applied his "clown make-up" which he happily agreed to.  These are just a few of the images showing the process. 

Uncle Sam's Great American Circus returned to Cleethorpes the following year, I went to see Ramone but he'd left to join another circus.  "Planet Circus" now visits Cleethorpes instead.

Ramone & his family originated from Columbia and I often wonder what became of them.

Taken on a Canon EOS 300D with a 17-85 IS Canon lens.


  1. Love the photos. Many clowns seem to be a little scary but Ramone has a friendly bright eyed charm.
    Look forward to more of your archives.

    1. He was a very friendly man, I got to know his family but then, as I put in these notes, I lost touch.
      I gave Ramones wife a few photos of their children.

  2. I’m really enjoying this post and the awesome, boldly colored photos of Ramone and I agree with Mike that he looks friendly and pleasant. It’s interesting to see him in each stage of his preparation.