Monday 6 May 2019

Uncle Sam's American Circus. (More from my image archive).

Following on from my post of Ramone the Circus Clown at this circus, here are a few more images taken in & around the site.

Ticket office and way into the circus.

Clint Eastwood & friend.

I was lucky enough to have access to the big top before the day's show.  Here the staff are
checking that the rigging for the high wire act is all secured.

Sound check on the band stage.

You remember Ramone from my last post, this is his "Clown Car".

One of the younger clowns.

This is Ramones son, the whole family had parts to play in the circus, including selling
tickets and programs to customers.

Howard, the Ringmaster.

One of the (heavy) costumes awaiting it's human
to bring it to life.

A young lady about to don her costume for the evenings act.

This is Vova, he was a trampoline artist/clown.  Never seen
without his briefcase.  I think it had a laptop in it with the
music for his act.

A few more customers getting tickets.

Pictures taken on a Canon 300D with a 17-85mm IS Canon Lens.