Sunday, 6 September 2020

The Lincolnshire Countryside.

We've started to venture out, but only by car to the Lincolnshire  Wolds, to take Suzi for walks and get a photograph or two.  These pics are from two walks.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 with 14-42 EZ Mzuiko & 25mm F1.8 Prime Lens.


  1. What great countryside and photos, I like the rich colours. I think I'd be happy walking there. Glad to hear that you are getting out occasionally. I always think it makes the days seem longer.

  2. It's good to get out into the countryside again, thanks Mike.

  3. I love the shadows and light that you capture in your photos, as well as the variety of subjects you choose. This set gives me not only an idea of the beautiful countryside, but of the vegetation common to the area. Lovely detail on the botanicals. It’s good to get outside if even for a brief drive. We have driven thousands of miles over the past 6 months, just to get out of the house and search for something interesting to see, even though we rarely see anything too exciting! The situation is not good in this area and we simply do not go anywhere at all where there are people. Take care.

    1. WE only venture out into the countryside, to places we know, where few people visit. The situation is worsening again here with a sudden increase in positive cases and new restrictions. Stay safe Ann.