Monday 21 September 2020

The Lincolnshire Countryside. (3)

 Following on from our previous walk with Suzi.

Many of the fields have now been harvested and, as in this one, ploughed already.

We often see a classic British motorbike along this lane but, on this occasion, a lovely old car. 

Some late summer Wild Poppies.

Wild Mallow.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 14-42 EZ Mzuiko.


  1. Very beautiful and expressive images, David. That car is delightful and I love the slight blur that makes the photo come alive as the car approaches. I also really like the delicate light on the single green leaf over the deep blue looking patch of vegetation. Lots of wonderful colors captured. It has certainly been a time of noticing the simple things that surround us everyday but those make very pleasing images. Our Midwest skies, though nearly 2000 miles from the California fires, are a dull, hazy grey from the smoke. This makes the flowers even more precious.

    1. Yes, I've certainly been looking for small details and what I call "found still life" pictures. There are only so many pictures of Grainsby & Wold Newton and then it gets repetitive but I'm enjoying the challenge.
      The fires in your country are terrible, to lose your home is unimagineable. I'm pleased you are a long way from them but, that you are aware of the smoke & haze shows how serious the situation is.
      The world is a strange, unreal place just now. Stay safe Ann. ☺

  2. Lovely thoughtful photos. The poppies are beautiful and love the old car. My first car was a 1937 Austin which looked similar to your photo, it cost me £25! - Thanks for kindling the memories. All good wishes.