Wednesday 20 April 2022

Ravendale & Hatcliff village.

 Ravendale is a valley in Lincolnshire and the picturesque village of Hatcliff lies within it.

The valley at Ravendale.

Trees are all along the upper reaches of the valley.

St. Mary's Church, Hatcliff.

Like many Lincolnshire villages, Hatcliff retains it's old red 'phonebox.

A stream runs through Hatcliff along the front of the gardens.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-40 Pro lens.


  1. Great trees in the first few photos and an interesting church. Still see a few of the red phone boxes in Cornwall, sometimes in the most unexpected places. One I often see is now a mini library. Hatcliff looks to be a lovely village - and very neat and tidy! An enjoyable walk.

    1. Thank you Mike. Yes, the old K6 phone boxes are still about and having new purposes. I've just photographed one being used as a book swap and I've seen a few housing defibrillators in shopping centres.
      The trees here are in that halfway stage of some getting foliage while others are still bare. As much as I like warm summer weather I find the skeletal shape of trees in winter very attractive to photograph.
      Enjoy the weekend and get out with your camera, maybe to Charlestown? I love seeing the boats there.

  2. Like Mike, I have seen red phone boxes turned into mini libraries in Cornwall. I remember being perturbed that the Hull phone boxes were cream coloured! 'Hatcliffe' and 'Ravendale' - both good northern names :) x

  3. I often photograph the old red K6 phone boxes, maybe I should add that I'm a retired British Telecom engineer, not a phone box nerd!! When BT had the monopoly Hull had the only other independent telephone system in the UK and that's why all their phone boxes were painted white. Thanks for dropping by.