Saturday 3 December 2022

Cleethorpes Country Park.

 Cleethorpes Country Park is bordered on one side by houses and a golf course on the other.  Popular for walking, bird watching, anglers and dog walkers.

In the summer months it's also used for wind surfer instruction and paddle boarding.

The park is set alongside a housing estate.

This area is reserved for letting dogs have a swim.

Lots of birds at the park, here are a few Black Headed Gulls jostling for a place.

A juvenile Swan on the lake.

A high voltage power line crosses one end of the lake, the discs on the cables are to make
the wires visible for incoming birds approaching the lake.  It's a popular place for migrating
geese arriving in the autumn to over winter on the lake.

Two Gulls and | Magpie.

There's a resident pair of swans on the lake.

It's always popular, especially on a warm Winters day like the one I had to take these pics.

Bulrushes & Reeds around the lake shore.

Not sure what this hardy little flower was, I thought it was Clover but realised later when
I got it onto my PC monitor the leaves were wrong for Clover.

Hawthorn berries all over the park.

This chap came toward me walking his very well behaved dog (not on a lead)
and I had a pleasant talk to him.  The dog is a Labradoodle!

A couple of young people taking a rest on their bicycle ride.

There are various bridges, this one is where the water flows into the lake from the beck
that runs along the Golf Course.

There are fishing platforms all around the lake.  Lots of large Carp and Bream in here.

At the end of the lake, close to the car park, the fishing platforms are reserved for wheelchair 
anglers.  The board across the front of them is to prevent accidents with the wheelchair
accidentally going over the front of the platform.

Autumn reeds catching the low sunlight.

This definitely is a Clover plant!

Picnic tables are dotted all around the lake.

Plenty of benches to enjoy the view over the lake too.

This plaque greets people visiting the park as they leave the car park.

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 12-100 Pro lens.


  1. What a beautiful park and it looks like the perfect December day for being out and about. The photo of the gulls is especially delightful, a great composition. You certainly caught the perfect light on the reeds and ripples of the water, both beautiful shots! I’m happy to see your posts once again. Best wishes, Ann K.

  2. Hello Ann, goog to hear from & hope you're well. Thanks for commenting, David.

  3. What a really lovely park, David. I'm sorry I'm so late here; it's been quite a week, so I haven't had time for my usual blog rounds, but this was definitely worth waiting for. Was it quite a windy day? It looks as if it might have been quite blustery. The light is stunning and that blue sky even makes winter bearable, doesn't it?

    1. It wasn't windy but quite breezy, which kept the clouds moving. My favourite conditions. Thanks for your comments Val, I have the recording of my Louth Canal talk if you still want to see it. It's about 45 mins but if you don't feel you have time for it I understand and won't be offended at all. David.

  4. Looks a wonderful park to explore, all good wishes.

    1. I hadn't visited it for a few years and it's become overgrown but it's still a lovely place. Especially as it's in the middle of Cleethorpes. Thanks for commenting Mike.

  5. That looks like a lovely park and walk David. The perfect place to blow the cobwebs away. Gorgeous pictures of the swaying reeds. I think you are right, the pink flower is known as pink clover or red clover ( Trifolium pretense). I hope you are able to return in summer to see some cool paddleboarding dude dogs ;) Lulu x

    1. Not sure if it's the dogs that do the paddleboarding Lulu, but I have seen a skateboarding dog on a TV advert!!!
      I will be going back there and thanks for the info about the flower. Take care, David.