Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tennyson County, Part 3, Somersby (cont'd)

The second set of images from Somersby.

View from the lectern towards the South Door entrance.

Pulpit on the left.

This is the "Prayer tree", people leave requests for prayers clipped to the display.

Altar Cross.

A better view of the pulpit.

Font just inside the South Door.

An old headstone in the churchyard.

This fine house stands opposite the church and I assumed it to be the Vicarage where Tennyson
was born.  However at nearby Stockwith Mill there is an information board about the area and
I now know that Tennysons' birthplace is a little further along the road and is shown at the
end of this posting.

Another view of the large house opposite the church.

This is the house where Alfred Lord Tennyson was born.  It is a private residence, not open to
the public and this was the best view I could get without intruding on the present owners privacy.

All pictures taken on my Panasonic FZ150.

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