Tuesday 4 February 2014

Haugham Church. (Part 1 of 2)

All Saints Church, at Haugham is in Lincolnshire.  It's a very small church standing in it's own grounds some way from the village of Haugham which is pronounced locally as "Howam".  The church is approached only by a grass path & is a 1/3rd replica of the nearby Louth church of St. James and can be seen from the A16 trunk road when approaching Louth from the south.  This has mislead quite a few travelers into thinking they are almost at Louth!
All Saints Church is an "abandoned church" in the care of the The Churches ConservationTrust.

All Saints Church, Haugham, standing some way from the village in a small copse of trees.

There is a safety exclusion zone in one area due to dangerous overhanging broken tree branches.

There are some fine features.

The graveyard is being reclaimed in parts by nature,

A substantial door into the church. 

The traditional view down the knave
to the East Window and Altar.

Window in the North Wall.

A closer view of the East Window,
Altar & Altar Rail.

Part 2 will appear soon.

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