Tuesday 18 February 2014

Market Rasen. (Part 2 of 3)

Continuing my walk around Market Rasen.

Mullberrys and a road sign showing which way and how
far it is to Mamers. (Twinned with Market Rasen)

The gate of India.

Main street leaving the town.

Seen in the market Place.

This rusty iron shed was between two houses on this road!  See also the old rusting lamppost with
arms to hold the ladders.

Market Rasen is on the River Rase and many years ago this area was a mill and storage area.
Now it's been converted and restored into nice appartments.

The River Rase as it passes under the bridge and buildings to go through the town.

Rase House, dated 1901.

A small apartment attached to the main building.

A Unicorn above the ground floor.

This house sits almost on the bridge.

Ornate handrails to each of these houses.  Complete with someones shadow?

Xmas decorations were still around in the gardens.

The Mill development.

The 3rd & final part will follow soon.

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