Thursday, 13 February 2014

Tennyson County, Part 5, Stockwith Mill.

Stockwith Mill.
Stockwith Mill is on Harrington Road, Hagworthingham in Lincolnshire.  More information is available on their website
It's a very popular place in the summer months with a nice cafe and walks around the mill site but I wanted to photograph it in winter to get the view down the stream to the mill.  In the summer the trees block this view.

This is the view I wanted that can only be taken in the winter months, before the trees
get all their leaves.  The stream was in full spate this day as it poured over the overrun at the wheel.

This information board at the mill covers a lot of the area connected with Tennyson and was where 
I discovered the correct location of the house he was born and lived in.  It's worth clicking on this image to view it larger.

The day we were there someone was doing a lot of bank-side clearance and you can see evidence
of this in this image. 

The old waterwheel.

The force of the water coming through the overrun can
be seen clearly here.

Looking back from the mill toward the bridge over the main road.

The final part in this series will appear soon.

These images taken on my Panasonic FZ150 camera.


  1. Is Stockwith mill I thought it had closed down towards the end of 2013?

  2. ive found this water colour painting of stockwith mill it is by D. TanR 1969 just wondering how much it would be worth?