Sunday, 10 September 2017

Tithe Farm , Grainthorpe. Set 2 of 2, The Barns & Agricultural Collection.

The owner of "Tithe Farm" has put together a comprehensive collection of agricultural items, from large threshing machines right down to the smallest of hand tools, that document the farming industry over the last century in Lincolnshire and beyond.

Hand operated petrol pump & oil dispenser.

On the barrow is a hand operated hedge trimmer, closer picture later in this post.

Many familiar makes of old tractors are housed in the barns.

Threshing machine in the background.

Two original hay carts that came from farms at Fulstow & Utterby in Lincolnshire.
Both villages only a few miles away.

The items in the foreground are implements used by a thatcher.

Hand operated hedge trimmer.  It required two men to hold it & operate it by turning
the handle to operate the cutters.

British "Little Wonder" Hedge Clipper.
(Complete with either it's serial or Patent Number.)

The owner of Tithe Farm worked in the oil industry so this original sign is appropriate.

Part of the collection of hand tools.

An American made thresher that was used on farms in Lincolnshire.

More hand tools and implements.

A framed jigsaw puzzle picture of a "Marshall" thresher at work.

Marshall, Sons & Co. was a British agricultural machinery manufacturer founded in 1848. The company was based in the Britannia Iron Works, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Early production was of steam engines and agricultural machinery. Later production included diesel tractors such as the Field Marshall, Track Marshall and former Leyland wheeled tractors.

The above info courtesy of Wikipedia.

A general view of the workshop barn, I found it fascinating and took many more
photographs than shown here.

Many thanks to the owners of "Tithe Farm" for allowing me to
photograph the house and collection. 

Olympus OMD-EM10 with 9-18mm Zuiko lens.


  1. The little wonder trimmer pulls 464 watts which means it needs approximately 3 times that much for starting. I would recommend the 2000 watt or 2 1000 watt units with a parallel cable.

    1. Thank you for your visit & comments Jason, enjoy the nice weather.