Saturday, 31 March 2018

One that got Away? Market Rasen Railway Station.

After WW2 Britain's railway network and rolling stock was in a poor condition.  The industry was operating tired old engines & rolling stock and the network needed updating.
British Rail employed Dr. Richard Beeching, a physicist and engineer to make a study of the railway industry and he subsequently presented his report, known as "The Beeching Report".  It recommended sweeping closures of railway lines & branch lines that were considered to be loss making and unproductive.  4,000 miles of lines were lost by 1966 and a further 2,000 lost by the end of the 1960's.

Steam powered locomotives were already being changed in favour of diesel power, but that's another story.

The Market town of Market Rasen in Lincolnshire kept it's line, and it's station buildings.  The main use for the line now is for the oil trains transporting oil away from the Humber Oil Refineries but it still carries passenger traffic.

Passengers were waiting for a train as I arrived, this is the relatively new Waiting Room.

A railcar commuter train arrives.

As passengers are getting onto the train another one is crossing the line to also get on.  Not 
seen here in my picture, a young woman with pushchair, who had just alighted off the train,
also crossed the line in the opposite direction, she was very lucky!!!
(See next image)

As I was taking the previous picture I was shocked to hear a deafening horn and turned to see
this oil train thundering through the station at 60 - 70 MPH! I only had time to take one frame, the horn had been sounded to warn the people who were crossing the line!  They had a very narrow

The oil train had, what seemed like, a hundred oil trucks & it was a couple of minutes before
it cleared the station but when it had passed the people had made it to safety.

On the opposite line to the Waiting Room is the old, original Station.
It's no longer in use and is being developed as residential housing.
The flag is the Lincolnshire County flag.

The town of Market Rasen is a well known Horse racing venue and this is shown here
on the display poster.

Market Rasen is in the farming county of Lincolnshire, my home county, so here is a poster
of the county's famous Lincoln Red Cattle" 
The interior of the waiting room is bright and welcoming.

Even if the fire is just a picture!

AS passengers leave the station the sign welcomes them to the town.
This chap didn't hear this train.

Olympus EM5ii with 12-60mm Leica zoom lens.

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