Tuesday 19 November 2019

Cleethorpes, (out of season).

It's been a while since my last post, we've had rain for days now.  A lot of areas have suffered really bad flooding but, thankfully, we have escaped.
So, today was the first sunny day for a while & I had the chance to try out a compact camera I've been considering buying.  My local shop allowed me to use it for a day or two before deciding.
I took it along Cleethorpes Promenade this morning.  The resulting pictures were really good but I found it difficult to use, I just didn't feel happy with it, so decided not to buy it.  Just shows the advantage of always buying from your local Camera Dealer, had I bought it from the Internet I would be stuck with it now.  I've been a customer of this shop for the last 60 years!

(Sorry for more images from our Promenade but this is where I always head for when trying new equipment, as I have a standard with previous pictures for comparison.)

Our Pier is now owned by "Papas", a national chain of Fish & Chip resturants.
At least it's being used and maintained, over previous years it's furure was doubtful.

A panoramic view of the North Promenade, from the Pier.

The Pier entrance, as I was leaving.

This is "Dudley" the donkey, a tribute to Gladys Nutall who brought the first donkeys to 
Cleethorpes many years ago.  It's a clay sculpture by local artist Donna Peterson, you can read
more about Dudley on Donna's website. 

"Crazy Golf Site", closed today.  There are a few tributes to Donald McGill the well
known artist who produced rather saucy postcards in the 1950's which are now
collectors items.

And finally, I met this dog along the promenade.


  1. Beautiful set of photos David. Looks like you had a good day - still raining here in Cornwall! Like the name of the café 'Suzies Cup of Joy' and good to see those old postcards, reminds me of childhood trips to the seaside.

  2. It's interesting that you would mention the camera trial. Had I not known, I might have asked if you had changed cameras since I see some subtle differences in the sky color from your usual photos on a sunny day. Did you use an automatic setting by chance? Just curious. All of the photos are delightful and give a very good look at Cleethorpes off season.

    1. I used aperture priority Ann (my usual choice) and I too noticed quite a difference in colours generally. I tried correcting them to how I like them in post process but couldn't get them right. It wasn't such an issue to stop me buying the camera though, I just didn't feel comfortable with It.
      Just out of interest, it was a Panasonic LX100 compact camera and these images showed just how good it was, but I didn't enjoy using it, which is important to me. Like driving a car, it isn't just from A-B, the journey needs to be enjoyable too.

    2. I've now bought a new camera, not a compact far from it. I've upgraded one of my Olympus EM10 Mark 2's for the Olympus flagship camera, the EM1 Mark2 which is a beast of a camera and yes, I love driving it! 😀

  3. Maybe one day you will do a series of shots of your local camera shop!

    1. That's a good idea, don't know why I hadn't thought of it. As you know, I like projects & story telling images, so my local camera shop might seem an obvious choice.
      I bought my first camera at Comley Cameras when I was 11 years old, I'm 72 now (soon to be 73). The business has moved to new premises in Cleethorpes a couple of times but they couldn't shake me off! 😊
      Mark Comley is the current owner but I started buying from his father, Doug Conley, all those years ago.

  4. I’m happy that you have a new camera that feels right. I completely agree that is important. My fathers last camera was on Olympus OM I believe, but of course not digital at that time. I don’t recall the specific model but I should dig it out of the basement and have a look. He would have loved a DSLR. I look forward to seeing your camera shop post😊