Friday, 8 November 2019

More Autumn Clours.

The Autumn colours have really exploded and I got a few images before the rain and winds returned.  Quite a lot of the leaves have now been blown away so I don't expect to get any more Autumn pictures this year. 

I'm a stickler for verticals being "vertical" but this telephone distribution pole was at
this crazy angle. 

This brave "Cranesbill" wild Geranium Flower shone out from the verge. 

When I saw this tractor + two trailers I had an idea what they were there for,
see the next image. 

The farmer turns his cows out into these fields in late March/early April.
At this time of year however they are gathered in and taken to their indoor, winter quarters.
Here he's herded them into a pen ready for the journey.

St. Nicholas Church, Grainsby.

Taylors Avenue, Cleethorpes.

Taylors Avenue, 100 yards from my house.

Olympus EM10 + 14-42 EZ Mzuiko Lens.


  1. You chose the perfect autumn day to be out with your camera. These are beautiful images and together they tell a good story of the farmer’s day out as well. Your neighborhood must be lovely with all of the trees bordering the lanes. A delightful collection as always. I think winter will be upon us soon and there won’t be leaves to photograph. It is predicted to snow here on Monday.

    1. Since taking these photo's we've had strong winds + rain which has removed most leaves. Not expecting snow though, it must be cold where you are.

  2. You have certainly captured the beauty of the Autumn colours - superb. A lot of the leaves have fallen here, though the council vehicle has swept most of them up along our road. Opposite to where I live is a small wood - so we get plenty of leaves blowing into our front garden.

    1. The day I took these photo's was the only dry day for quite a while here. Wind & rain has removed most of the leaves now. Flooding is a big problem, no properties in our emediate area have flooded but a lot of roads closed. We went to visit my sister in law on Saturday via the A46, a major road, and had to detour around several flooded sections where cars had been abandoned! I usually make this trip along the narrow side roads through and over the Lincolnshire Woods but thought the valley areas would be flooded, I made the return journey on those roads and never had a problem.
      I think these minor roads through farming areas drain better as the farmers do their own ditch & drainage maintenance. Hedging & ditching, the old tried and trusted routine.